For this project, I wanted to create a fake Snowball stand! Snowballs are unique to New Orleans and are one of my favorite sweet treats! The purpose of this Instagram account was to develop a marketing strategy for a new Snowball stand! The audience for this piece was the Baton Rouge community. I really tried to develop a cohesive project, keeping the CRAP principles in mind. One of the major highlights of this project was the poster and the social media poster. I think my project effectively communicates my topic and is a great marketing strategy for a new snowball stand!

The posters are a marketing strategy for a fictional event called “Snowball Fest.” The posters portray all the important information about the event, such as the date and the location, as well as some great images of some of the snowballs. This poster is really exciting!

For the video, I wanted to create something that was kind of like a mini commercial that could be used to gain business. By showing off the snowball stand, its unique flavors, and its friendly staff, the video makes people want to buy snowballs from The Snowball Shoppe.

The rest of the post to the Instagram account were used to display the product and entise people to stop by and buy a snowball. The call to actions on each photo and in the captions engage the audience to come out and get a snowball.

I ordered the images in a sequence that told the story of “The Snowball Shoppe.”








Snowbalshoplogoyelo1200 2

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